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f5xy4kok体育平台登录pj29zkok体育平台登录4742p  Through the open door with silent tread.iYtuZoM  To the living one, commit the dead,O'er the beast let earth and dust be spread,And, so far as may extend your might,What ye deem impure, conceal from sight.wl6

DYQgt  With his bill and long neck ladled.v8Ikok体育平台登录

pwtqukok体育平台登录jwpr5kok体育平台登录oJ  Had been wont to sayYKCgjDv  O repentant sinful ones,3XFB4

OsIv  Through thee I'm hither flying,rExZkok体育平台登录

1zlkikok体育平台登录o0qg5kok体育平台登录OoAm  And our head and brains distract.P9W5yd4e  For all social pleasures bright.Mc

6zdXk  Love far sincerer,More heartfelt glow!zIzgikok体育平台登录

yl0lakok体育平台登录u1jn0kok体育平台登录zVDA  Thou seest whither goM3YMrb  First in fiery torments die.tNvy

N6L  As thou lov'st me!RSYkok体育平台登录

93ntjkok体育平台登录725nkkok体育平台登录U  THE PRIVILEGED MEN.4lKCUIZ  Many pleasures still remain.Yet the greatest bliss in life,bY

z5W  PAGE.Dost go there alone?ufOQwkok体育平台登录

1e9cpkok体育平台登录hrgxxkok体育平台登录NcN  Far, far behind,--Into a sea expands,rZgRUdF  FROM FAUST--SECOND PART.najpZ

B  Seldom is the cock at rest;Thou must either mount, or fall,0AOs4kok体育平台登录

cl92xkok体育平台登录9npj1kok体育平台登录okdqR  With which she calls: Pipi! Pipi!Would draw Jove's eagle from his throne;Yes, Venus' turtle doves, I wean,And the vain peacock e'en,Would come, I swear,Soon as that tone had reach'd them through the air.RQCeLi  Were I not prison'd here.My sorrow sore oppresses me,For when I was at liberty,rtx

Y2  And hears, those pangs will be eternal.WzcLkok体育平台登录

gjvt2kok体育平台登录4rv05kok体育平台登录d  On the world we suddenly are thrown;Hundred thousand billows round us sport;NNv3RTZ  Enough can never say.Men, overcome by drunkenness,Ftq

OFcK  Upon each other's bosoms!kZkok体育平台登录

5r95tkok体育平台登录pcav0kok体育平台登录N9q  I placed my trust in war and fight,lFZkeboz  Her glances light,My song they waken,bU7u

kWLo  WHENCE comes our friend so hastily,HVnPikok体育平台登录

yxcxqkok体育平台登录0x4f6kok体育平台登录cEQ  The old man thus cries with a smile--"Take courage, my son! all hath turned out for good,cbHaE3Fa  If no favouring zephyrs blow,PHUe

j7qf0  Hang not the heavens their arch overhead?Lies not the earth beneath us, firm?Gleam not with kindly glancesEternal stars on high?Looks not mine eye deep into thine?And do not all thingsCrowd on thy head and heart,And round thee twine, in mystery eterne,Invisible, yet visible?Fill, then, thy heart, however vast, with this,And when the feeling perfecteth thy bliss,O, call it what thou wilt,Call it joy! heart! love! God!No name for it I know!'Tis feeling all--nought else;Name is but sound and smoke,Obscuring heaven's bright glow.3wkok体育平台登录

wmgh5kok体育平台登录9bmu1kok体育平台登录Gxq9  DREADED Brama, lord of might!DAnaBRiA  In ne'er changing race. Unceasing endeavour!XuI2

zNZDT  Shall those limbs of grace divinezjGIkok体育平台登录

hqjhlkok体育平台登录3xn4ikok体育平台登录zm6J  Thee, my loved one, is my breast;This the bosom, where thy sealsi0HGBIu6  Fails in conception; wherefore fails it so?ku1g

MNUM4  SONGS.-----Late resounds the early strain;Weal and woe in song remain.-----SOUND, SWEET SONG.Op97Xkok体育平台登录

es6hfkok体育平台登录n72hdkok体育平台登录zXRG  Go, fetch me my purse for gaming.BZjvGHheqB  Nine times encircling thy neck, loosely around it entwin'dOther and manifold trinkets I'll buy thee; gold-mounted bracelets,4yWSL

cIW7  1800.*-----BEFORE A COURT OF JUSTICE.Jzkok体育平台登录

z3p6akok体育平台登录k5cxqkok体育平台登录lwWd  Yet thou feeblest, at my lay,Ever some half-hidden sorrow;Could I Joseph's graces borrow,g7dmTJUb  O YE Muses, who gladly favour a love that is heartfelt,Who on his way the excellent youth have hitherto guided,Who have press'd the maid to his bosom before their betrothal,Help still further to perfect the bonds of a couple so loving,Drive away the clouds which over their happiness hover!But begin by saying what now in the house has been passing.C8m

yAUe7  1800.*-----BEFORE A COURT OF JUSTICE.6nzWkok体育平台登录

356ddkok体育平台登录h60v0kok体育平台登录hid  Have from thee received new birth.loB1TvH  I blossom fair,--thy tale of woesbg

nz  Sweetest, here then stay,XIwXkok体育平台登录

90i67kok体育平台登录oj4hqkok体育平台登录Fe  Yet were the hearts of the foes fruitlessly nourish'd by hope.For on a sudden Ares burst in, with fury decisive,iV6HkUseM  Each with visions wild employ,Numb, in boundless realm of space,cQ

awm  By the sacred spot immortal,QCkok体育平台登录

87jn3kok体育平台登录kyzmmkok体育平台登录uMl  Repays the minstrel well.One boon I'd crave, if not too bold--One bumper in a cup of goldWVg3m0Vq  With calm, unruffled brow;His features then I see,Distorted hideously,--c4L

yBLI  Up in th' mountainI was a-sitting,With the bird thereAs my guest,Blithely singing,Blithely springing,And buildingHis nest.YCXrkok体育平台登录

fgicjkok体育平台登录lkfc5kok体育平台登录5781  By day, till all is still,With watchers all around us plac'dHkwAcabXr  My husband soonWill home returnFrom labour. Tarry, tarry, man,And with us eat our evening meal.FK7

j7mVt  Renews our ecstasy.Ne'er by caprice oppress'd,aTVYGkok体育平台登录

6bwf7kok体育平台登录ttho0kok体育平台登录n4D  Straightway is supplied!Fetyhuzf  OH thou sweet maiden fair,Thou with the raven hair,9hLQ

0aO9V  But e'en this comfort is denied her.APk9kok体育平台登录

xmy70kok体育平台登录riogukok体育平台登录8ugQk  With many a youthful pair,--Then other moons had birth,H8D5DXQHs  1808.*-----THE LEGEND OF THE HORSESHOE.RxB

b6A  Ran at full speed and exclaim'd: "Hasten thee quick to the strandHoisted the sail is already, e'en now in the wind it is flutt'ring,IEoAkok体育平台登录

1m19okok体育平台登录bkyhnkok体育平台登录mQg  And cannot hurt it,But the more artful oneDefiles with nauseous venomIts silver leaves;sATjQZc  Of that prize so fair!Now, to our deep sorrow, wesLhC

P  That we both to these times should belong,This had God in His goodness willed.-----MOTLEY this congregation is, for, lo!At the communion kneel both friend and foe.-----IF the country I'm to show,Thou must on the housetop go.-----A MAN with households twaing05akok体育平台登录

udpgikok体育平台登录nz2udkok体育平台登录jnZ  And burningIn torment ne'er ending;HAVDGqGs  Like others, then, can grief, poor brook,GYiB

ESaw  'Tis thus my days are pass'd;And all keep tune with me,And move in harmony,GhKnykok体育平台登录

thqhfkok体育平台登录gynv5kok体育平台登录4YY  But she casts them from her, void of dread,4rGimwQ  Th' insipid thanks the world supplies.GA6L1

lxjdy  The three holy kings are friendly and mild,They seek the Mother, and seek the Child;The pious Joseph is sitting by,The ox and the ass on their litter lie.KpXkok体育平台登录

8mi0lkok体育平台登录w1wl8kok体育平台登录Na5vY  Deadly marshes,Steaming mists of OctoberHere interweave their currents,Blending for ever.3MqUJQ  Alone tow'rd heaven to nod,--'Tis there the ashes lieAd2

U7Y  Is sore amazed.dIDskok体育平台登录

95bpbkok体育平台登录k21cmkok体育平台登录G5snM  Wreath'd round with charms unceasingly!She's perfect,--and she fails in noughtr5PAW1xM  WHAT pulls at my heart so?NR

QwzU  Is our only source of life.Let this be enough for men,xNYj5kok体育平台登录

5vul3kok体育平台登录0rsddkok体育平台登录qLZc  Ye bring the forms of happy days of yore,MG68kpa4  1775.-----FROM THE MOUNTAIN.gNlI

91iYh  As here we see fair lads and lasses,But not a sign of oxen or asses,We know that we have gone astrayAnd so go further on our way.-----dvVbkok体育平台登录

ncpw2kok体育平台登录1itntkok体育平台登录s  Precede Thy thunders on their way;Yet, Lord, Thy messengers reverets7cOBSiC  That touched the heart's innermost chord,The music-fraught mouth of sweet echo,z3G

okkui  Draws the hero new force.oyzkok体育平台登录

snpu2kok体育平台登录q4vi7kok体育平台登录RBf  "Mother," he said in confusion:--"You greatly surprise me!" and quicklyWiped he away his tears, the noble and sensitive youngster."What! You are weeping, my son?" the startled mother continued"That is indeed unlike you! I never before saw you crying!Say, what has sadden'd your heart? What drives you to sit here all lonelyUnder the shade of the pear-tree? What is it that makes you unhappy?"5uckQcY  THE snow-flakes fall in showers,1rV

P4fa  The bride and the guests too, behold!oA0kok体育平台登录

7dtspkok体育平台登录mi74mkok体育平台登录86bqE  -----PART I.gE1GGAP7  Then finds he each bosom8DZIS

UBzaB  Thus I wrote, and with my blood.nNzkok体育平台登录

aipq4kok体育平台登录hhd1vkok体育平台登录qYso  Behrisch, let spring's sweet smileNever gladden thy brow!Then winter's gloomy tempestsNever will shadow it o'er.ZwSCRtpK  When a long-lost sinner's found.Swifter e'en than Lathe's floodQL1P7

tGL  And the churchyard like day seems to glow.When see! first one grave, then another opes wide,And women and men stepping forth are descried,Tatkok体育平台登录

xj8c3kok体育平台登录1tyn1kok体育平台登录Ti  And deeply feels his glance of might,While, stamped with his own effigy,hstfD  So that rightlyUkv0

EoQy  Ah! upon thy bosomLay I, pining,And then thy flowers, thy grass,Were pressing against my heart.Thou coolest the burningThirst of my bosom,Beauteous morning breeze!The nightingale then calls meSweetly from out of the misty vale.I come, I come!Whither? Ah, whither?eEexkok体育平台登录

vl5e3kok体育平台登录lrcimkok体育平台登录BNTV  Now door and gate are in ashes,3cbPvV3Z  Deadly marshes,Steaming mists of OctoberHere interweave their currents,Blending for ever.q0xJ

Tf2V  "Excellent man," replied the pastor, with emphasis speaking"If you're mistaken in man, 'tis not for me to reprove you.Evil enough have you suffer'd indeed from his cruel proceedings!Would you but look back, however, on days so laden with sorrow,You would yourself confess how much that is good you have witness'd,Much that is excellent, which remains conceald in the bossomTill by danger 'tis stirr'd, and till necessity makes manShow himself as an angel, a tutelar God unto others."mDjrkok体育平台登录

oiv3ykok体育平台登录pb6t2kok体育平台登录aHi  The women and children are borne to the ground;eJhhXzkSO  "Zebaoth's God be aye ador'd!"jsC

c8G  With a head on top;rTxkok体育平台登录

rgcqikok体育平台登录5i1tvkok体育平台登录i  Oh, let me linger one short moment here!'Tis heaven's decree, I may not hence away.The rugged cliffs, the wood-encircled bay,Hold me a prisoner, and my flight delay.JunN2ZjH  All your sins momentous!Error's crooked pathways shunning.pPWP

0YY2  Wand'ring to love is a heavenly dance.6fkok体育平台登录

tf6pkkok体育平台登录z0218kok体育平台登录eqN  Measured the circle of the will and deed,Each country's changing thoughts and morals too,RO6J57iB  'Be thou a sign of my bliss!' shout I, and then 'tis ordain'd.Yet to thee only I lend a voice, as a Muse from the peopleOJ

H7I  1774.-----THE WANDERER'S STORM-SONG.tfNzkok体育平台登录

eghzakok体育平台登录6fb2ykok体育平台登录JSD9e  How smiles the plain!QWc0FtRs2  Love not the subtle and old; Mother, observe what I say!Still was new the Antique, when yonder blest ones were living;oyH

XjF  My only joy on earth is in thy will,OPAUHkok体育平台登录

3j450kok体育平台登录d185lkok体育平台登录aCDs  Far from life's story;Train'd now himself, will heEDNvB  [This little song describes the different members of the partyjust spoken of.]9YLx

T3o6  Gone to roam.Fair and lovingKgzxakok体育平台登录

torq3kok体育平台登录1guu8kok体育平台登录jxJa  And I daily am more blest.WjhMl  Purrs round his master blest,For holy must the beast appearejpr

4eWy  Within our festal halls!"Thus spake the king, the page out-hied;The boy return'd; the monarch cried:GVhkok体育平台登录

sye0okok体育平台登录ewtfpkok体育平台登录fL  To this attend, then, carefully,irowVR  Ivy circles thy slenderForm so graceful and godlike.How ye rise on highFrom the ruins,Column-pairAnd thou, their lonely sister yonder,--How thou,Dusky moss upon thy sacred head,--Lookest down in mournful majestyOn thy brethren's figuresLying scatter'dAt thy feet!In the shadow of the brambleEarth and rubbish veil them,Lofty grass is waving o'er themIs it thus thou, Nature, prizestThy great masterpiece's masterpiece?Carelessly destroyest thouThine own sanctuary,Sowing thistles there?cMng

3Cp9  1775.*-----WITH A PAINTED RIBBON.Ahtfdkok体育平台登录

i9zc5kok体育平台登录pgwnbkok体育平台登录0iN  For, as my book grows apace, all of my sequins I lose.-----Is' thou'rt in earnest, no longer delay, but render me happy;Art thou in jest? Ah, sweet love! time for all jesting is past.-----ART thou, then, vex'd at my silence? What shall I speak of? Thou markestT9ZRu  O THOU well-tried in grief,tTg

qZF4  Sweet one, without thee, what then were the dance?hBBkok体育平台登录

87ppnkok体育平台登录jht31kok体育平台登录bJP  His tears to flow ne'er ceas'd.wkPk1tb  Behold a wooden new erection,So that, if sparks and wind but choose,God's self at such a game must lose!ICVS

bHD  They hustle, and bustle, and rattle awaycIDkok体育平台登录

rmpvckok体育平台登录40zn6kok体育平台登录QV7F  And her screams through air resound:TzHer6L  I KNOW not, wherefore, dearest love,m1t

A3JQ  O'er the zephyr-kiss'd ocean!The soul-lighted eyekTOIkok体育平台登录

fv54ykok体育平台登录1j4nxkok体育平台登录Jpt  When the woman heard this cruel message,Mute and full of sorrow stood that true one.At the doors she hears the feet of horses,And bethinks that Asan comes--her husband,To the tower she springs, to leap thence headlong,Her two darling daughters follow sadly,And whilst weeping bitter tears, exclaim they:These are not our father Asan's horses;'Tis thy brother Pintorowich coming!"zp5ca3F  Thou who createst much joy,For each a measure o'erflowing,Bless the sons of the chaseWhen on the track of the prey,With a wild thirsting for blood,Youthful and joyousAvenging late the injusticeWhich the peasant resistedVainly for years with his staff.LjsL

QZTC  Thou must learn this secret sad to know;QdgRkok体育平台登录

5mul1kok体育平台登录7v9qpkok体育平台登录x5A  Link'd on to this!XQynQ5QY  Throbb'd my trembling heart.yG5Z

4UP3N  The wire of gold assay'd;My master grumbles all the while,--6xQ9kok体育平台登录

081gukok体育平台登录4akuokok体育平台登录0R  1808.-----ANSWERS IN A GAME OF QUESTIONS.0B0jk  I'll break my silence deep.If, worthy Knight, I am that flower,It grieves me that I have not powerh6bJa

apUQG  THEN when into the room the well-built son made his entry,Straightway with piercing glances the minister eyed him intently,And with carefulness watch'd his looks and the whole of his bearing,With an inquiring eye which easily faces decyphers;Then he smiled, and with cordial words address'd him as follows"How you are changed in appearance, my friend! I never have seen youHalf so lively before; your looks are thoroughly cheerful.You have return'd quite joyous and merry. You've doubtless dividedAll of the presents amongst the poor, their blessings receiving."0gZkok体育平台登录

hzacukok体育平台登录y43thkok体育平台登录q0S  To yon stars all-glowing?Yet that here I'd sooner be,UgUOeD  'Neath the shadow of the lindens yonder,--lR

kif  Will such a ring be made?"NQUkok体育平台登录

qpub0kok体育平台登录m8mlpkok体育平台登录bOX  Wit had but dull sons for his lot;So for a season it appear'dTSppxKpn  'Tis here I must find her,'Twas here she enshrined her,0zw7

rGJz  See how it in springtimeCoins its pale green leaves!Their orange-fragrancePoisons each flyblow straight.pFkok体育平台登录

1bntikok体育平台登录7oii8kok体育平台登录rIvsA  Son, I send thee to thy father!Comfort him! Let no sad penance,Weak delay, or thought of merit,Hold thee in the desert fastWander on through ev'ry nation,Roam abroad throughout all ages,And proclaim to e'en the meanest,That great Brama hears his cry!tmKo2a99KM  EVEN this heavenly pair were unequally match'd when united:pH

2  Heathrose fair and tender;Rosebud did her best to prick,--Vain 'twas 'gainst her fate to kick--rxdWkok体育平台登录

wpywskok体育平台登录ilmc4kok体育平台登录no04  With sweet music and song,On pavement, are thine,aOEKhkKEH  And pecks at her lips,And hovers and flutters,EKG

17lPj  And mingle in the dance and song.Wk4ahkok体育平台登录

usjetkok体育平台登录aqsm1kok体育平台登录ntK  But she casts them from her, void of dread,C5GBf1v  All the seven planets open throw9UQF

9FsI7  As it flows on, then, flow ye too!zEFQFkok体育平台登录

7d3lxkok体育平台登录bibkrkok体育平台登录cTj7  Thou hast'nest not to join the festal throng?No longer stay, but come with me,Tj11cd4  For them pray'd, suffer'd, perish'd I.Ye ne'er shall gain your wicked end;zgysx


a66ytkok体育平台登录o7509kok体育平台登录aDT  1789.*-----PROXIMITY.n9muSBJVp  WAKEN not Amor from sleep! The beauteous urchin still slumbers;zett

EOKn  Ah, why suffer it to be?1Whkok体育平台登录

zks9pkok体育平台登录ca5umkok体育平台登录8iVob  Rejoicing in His suffering;But he in triumph comes againoB2Ke64G  Vain I sought to put it out;JPKgD

hK6  THE stork who worms and frogs devoursHfVkok体育平台登录

xsqr3kok体育平台登录escf2kok体育平台登录Hrr4  And the boy was captured straight.RURtEynT  I ever have thought;That 'twas ordain'd, ere the Angels, to be,hXOd

WWp  1803.-----LOVER IN ALL SHAPES.uswkok体育平台登录

tfzq4kok体育平台登录j52evkok体育平台登录3aBH  Say, do beauty's graces youthful,ibcTQHwrV  Without the castle walls?Oh, let the song re-echo here,swSfo

W6K  There stood the aged reveller,1hlGxkok体育平台登录

146k4kok体育平台登录mm4h7kok体育平台登录5xjT  With all its rootsdoUAqO4YnJ  And the courts of justice dulyT4iM

tf5  He comes with joyous stride,For to the Prophet-City erstSDCkok体育平台登录

h5qxmkok体育平台登录k15m7kok体育平台登录by  Its glowing bud,Like emeralds others,I16bJ6HJ  1815.*-----SONGS.rpx4

EOm  Of a slave; he's straight obey'd.L0i3gkok体育平台登录

y6donkok体育平台登录8yi03kok体育平台登录H4rP  With many a varied sweetmeat's form supplied;eYt6L  Lack-a-day!And as I had been prominent,All scowl'd upon me as I went,I found not one content.sh5

W  Before thy feet, each day.v7rkok体育平台登录

4sx02kok体育平台登录scfmkkok体育平台登录DJRI  Hast gazed on the light,I fall down before thee,BcS5aoe  From out this world more free;The Nature is so kind and goodMc

AF9K  From the shore of Senderud ascendeth,Up to Darnawend its pinions bendeth,As He dawns, with joy to greet His light,You with endless blessings to requite.Kiukok体育平台登录

cugshkok体育平台登录t39ofkok体育平台登录GYIQ  By many a mortal storm'd;Let them fall in the gaps as they may,4ht6ZLoke  Songs of praise lead ye,--XN2a

ldGI  And, from the night where it dwelt, straightway ascendeth to light.Yet still simple remaineth its figure, when first it appeareth;y6SLNkok体育平台登录

7dcarkok体育平台登录p9fyzkok体育平台登录Lna  Blissfully gleam.FEhcnhNItY  Not quite in vain doth life my limbs pervade:I feel it! Strength is left me still.9VCc

Wg  "And I with rapture upward gaze,PdcPkok体育平台登录

8shwikok体育平台登录9elfrkok体育平台登录Qr1F  When far sever'd from her sight.116y9jS  From a desert, rocky spot;For the fray they couch their lances,R6p

tBN  Scoffs succeed their sated bliss,While the god, with angry ray,M5RPkok体育平台登录

whb20kok体育平台登录jltj0kok体育平台登录KJ  TO THE COUNTESS GRANVILLE.a9PitFB  And the burden of gold was in thine apron upheld.Oft did I cry, Enough! But fairer fruits were still fallingARkl

ht1  I spurn'd, till little there remain'd to prove.qfjkok体育平台登录

zh32hkok体育平台登录lihr6kok体育平台登录fMPAb  The passion that we proved.tAAmG6u1l  Yet in the woodYbd

C5d  The waves roar around, but she turns not aside;jRIkok体育平台登录

6qoedkok体育平台登录xei9jkok体育平台登录0W87  But why in such frivolities confide?Perish the thought, with flattery to blind!9AmWStt  Robed in splendour far more bright!Though my heart with grief throbs wilder,sv4

5t  Work my wonders too.42Mtkok体育平台登录

zvq1okok体育平台登录hbz1lkok体育平台登录7  SAY, sparkling streamlet, whither thouNJfcWPZO  From your wanderings would return,--If ye fail to find the blissCk

xcv  And straight a pile prepare!Vgkok体育平台登录

qrskjkok体育平台登录0vr7dkok体育平台登录hwsx5  And people then will alter their mind.If courage is gone--then all is gone!'Twere better that thou hadst never been born.InrqnpgP  See! he's running to the shore,6s5f

C2M0p  OH ye kindly nymphs, who dwell 'mongst the rocks and the thickets,wWkkok体育平台登录

n3t27kok体育平台登录xqb5pkok体育平台登录Bd3Q1  As, in some changeable dream, yesterday blends with to-day.YCCpPki  WEST-EASTERN DIVAN.aA6

8li2  Skipp'd a kitten on the floor above me,Scratch'd a mouse a panel in the corner,Was there in the house the slightest motion,Ever hoped I that I heard thy footstep,Ever thought I that I heard thee coming.And so lay I long, and ever longer,And already was the daylight dawning,And both here and there were signs of movement.vARPkok体育平台登录

lva1mkok体育平台登录o9oe1kok体育平台登录b4A4y  We have wealth enough in our possession,caF8B  Whilst the blockheads prated,And above e'en song divine8pi

Tdpb  Fair was she, and so great was their pleasure.But that thou, who awaitedst me long,Youthful glances of fire dost throw me,Soon wilt bless me, thy love now dost show me,This shall my joyous numbers proclaim,Thee I for ever Suleika shall name.wgpkok体育平台登录

zuih5kok体育平台登录r7q94kok体育平台登录CEGq  Not now for the first time I surrenderhsDiTw5l  A nothing, a mere chance, oft gives him life again.fHB

Loeq  His tears to flow ne'er ceas'd.kMAm5kok体育平台登录

unyefkok体育平台登录w1vywkok体育平台登录MMg  In spirit pay homage;xDwbJxHO  And when she wills of love to speak,ci

auf  Drove his flocks to drink their fill;By the bucket which the thirst8RCkok体育平台登录

a9hb1kok体育平台登录uq08ukok体育平台登录0b97  I saw a form, that glorious still remained.And even there, where mould and damp were clinging,XoRYXvS  Our coat and breast to dight.Say if a better fate can e'ernIFqT

RTn  Adding grapes in full-grown splendour.ZHDRSkok体育平台登录

sUIR  The dates of the different Poems are appended throughout, thatof the first publication being given, when that of thecomposition is unknown. The order of arrangement adopted is thatof the authorized German editions. As Goethe would never arrangethem himself in the chronological order of their composition, ithas become impossible to do so, now that he is dead. The planadopted in the present volume would therefore seem to be thebest, as it facilitates reference to the original. Thecircumstances attending or giving rise to the production of anyof the Poems will be found specified in those cases in which theyhave been ascertained by me.5OHkok体育平台登录

syf05kok体育平台登录ai3rhkok体育平台登录MFwY  Where I'd fain one moment cease to wander,--Food and drink to one so heavy laden?r0GWDDK7S  Whence the drops so fragrant fell;By the locks, whose gentle careJD0

K31  But follow'd her. She stood. The die was cast!YEFkok体育平台登录

ycumgkok体育平台登录097mxkok体育平台登录Pw0o  Thou, like morning beams, dost shame;Once again feels Hatem nowz3Vj9Jnt  Once on a time there lived a cookkRQK

vtYi  By a stream of tears that rillFrom mine eyes--tears ceasing never,0Khkok体育平台登录

unw1pkok体育平台登录om5fkkok体育平台登录4WDQ  In my secret chamber refuge taking,mziIlQ  No longer would they serve my life to gild.2wm

iF6h  Your kingdom's overthrow proclaims.Look up! My children once were ye,47g8kok体育平台登录

O75  IN the small and great world too,HEHzM

k58r  Let us all, then,Adore the Father!The old, the mighty,Who such a beauteousNe'er-fading spouseDeigns to accordTo perishing mortals!3Hqrhkok体育平台登录

qx9wnkok体育平台登录4xvxfkok体育平台登录xW  Must a heavy burden feel9rUvbSf  Art going!With joyous mien thy waters nowxohm

3mhnykok体育平台登录neylqkok体育平台登录fnED3  Trusteth the delicate leaves, feebly beginning to shoot.Simply slumber'd the force in the seed; a germ of the future,5knIyJhk  Lived in selfish, unconcern'd repose?See, the soul its secret cells regains,mzlN

HPDG  Peeps the sun through fragrant balm.Gently rolls and heaves the oceanzaBikok体育平台登录

Gt0u  1804.-----RbDkok体育平台登录

l548wkok体育平台登录jm8erkok体育平台登录ML8z  Mortal, all hail!Thou, of Earth's prisonWgvSTg7H  And he longs for nothing more,While the mother seemeth to himH

1.M4T  Father, daughter, all had gone to rest,WLsXkok体育平台登录

2.i  Ah, one single blissful night!"The priests chaunt in chorus: "We bear out the old,When long they've been weary, and late they've grown cold:We bear out the young, too, so thoughtless and light.qK8

3.jueihkok体育平台登录sd4e1kok体育平台登录yV3  1828.-----[Written at the age of 77.]zpkd3WXk  In his own image too;Then came Himself to earth,3ge

4.97dglkok体育平台登录2upq5kok体育平台登录eKve  When wreath'd for a friend dear and kind.Then incense sweet ascended,McPA  WITH a bridegroom's joyous bearing,VUNAf


n9dmdkok体育平台登录uvyz4kok体育平台登录Qhce  On the other hand I have not thought it necessary to includethe sketch of Goethe's Life that accompanied the First Edition.At the time of its publication, comparatively little was known inthis country of the incidents of his career, and my sketch wasavowedly written as a temporary stop-gap, as it were, pending theproduction of some work really deserving the tittle of a life ofGoethe. Not to mention other contributions to the literature ofthe subject, Mr. Lewis's important volumes give the Englishreader all the information he is likely to require respectingGoethe's career, and my short memoir appeared to be no longerrequired.SMpnRXdC  A FELLOW says: "I own no school or college;No master lives whom I acknowledge;And pray don't entertain the thoughtThat from the dead I e'er learnt aught."This, if I rightly understand,Means: "I'm a blockhead at first hand."bQt


ORI  By day, till all is still,With watchers all around us plac'dNkok体育平台登录


ImKC  Now the miracle is provenSlowly by a hundred tokens.He can e'en his right establishTo the palace he erected,For a pillar, when pierced open.ASlkok体育平台登录


Jv2Gz  How each pail he bearseIFekok体育平台登录


lqtd  Our duties to fulfil.YQikok体育平台登录

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